CRM Exam Preparation Assistance

Interested in becoming a CRM and looking for support? Members of the ARMA NNJ chapter have oppurtunities for assistance to guide them through the process from applying for candidacy to preparing for the exams.

  • Study groups with other candidates and CRM records professionals
  • CRM Mentors to help support your studies
  • An extensive library of books and resources available to borrow at no cost.
  • Annual preparation workshops covering all exam sections.

If you would like to learn more please contact Lucy Rieger at

CRM Certification

The primary mission of the ICRM is to develop and administer the professional certification of Records and Information Managers including the relevant examinations and certification maintenance program.  The ICRM serves as the official certifying body for both ARMA International and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA).  Organizations that can write and administer a Part 7 exam that tests for industry-specific Records and Information Management (RIM) knowledge not identified on any of the current CRM examinations, may qualify to have a Special Designation in records management that individuals in the relevant profession can pursue once they have obtained their initial CRM certification.
National and global industry surveys continue to show a strong correlation and value proposition for those Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals that achieve the CRM designation.  The candidate’s belief that the credential will provide for enhanced professionalism and personal growth is a significant factor in the overall decision to become a CRM.  The RIM knowledge gained through the certification examination preparation process, and elevation of confidence that is achieved as a result of mastering related competencies, is directly related to the CRM’s ability to garner higher-level RIM positions with commensurate salaries.
Visit the ICRM Website at for more information and to find the application. 


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