The award-winning ARMA of New Jersey Chapter represents a varying array of members who have influential RIM & IG careers from a wide range of industry verticals including pharma, energy, state government, legal, utilities, insurance, accounting, education, engineering and many others. Additionally, we are also fortunate to have as members a number of supportive industry vendors who bring their insights and perspectives into our organization. While our chapter name infers that we only serve the New Jersey RIM & IG communities, in actuality, we hold our programming and networking events throughout the state to accommodate the geographic locations of our members who live/work in the area including Northern, Central, and Southern NJ as well as those from New York City.

The ARMA-NJ Chapter focuses on providing professional development and skills-building for its members in the areas of Records Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG). To accomplish that goal, we enlist the support of industry business partners who are seeking additional forums through which they can expand their business development footprint within the IG/RIM communities. We offer a number of sponsorship opportunities to supplement your organization’s networking and business development needs. Becoming involved as a business partner/sponsor provides your team with a forum and access to both practitioners and vendors who attend our networking and programming events.

We rely on the support of business partners for sponsorship of this innovative chapter and truly would not be able to deliver the quality educational programming that our membership, industry experts, and the RIM/IG community at large have come to expect of our organization without the ongoing commitment of our business partner teams. We sincerely hope that your organization will entertain the opportunity to become a corporate sponsor. We will be happy to work with you to create a sponsorship package that provides value for your team.

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In order to fulfill its mission and to put on quality educational events, the ARMA NJ chapter relies on the generous support of our corporate sponsors.  If you would like to support our chapter, and by doing so, raise your organization’s profile within the NJ Records Management community, please consider one of our sponsorship opportunities.

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