ARMA Intl. Election Underway

Dear ARMA of Northern New Jersey Chapter Member –

I wanted to reminder you that the election process is underway for the ARMA positions that will provide a new person to be added to the ARMA International Board of Directions and to the position of President Elect.  The election process is already open/underway and will remain available to you to vote until Tuesday, January 31, 2017(I wanted to send this reminder notice out to you because I know that this email got buried in my INBOX.  I just found it and voted last night – so I wanted to give you a “heads up” that you might be in the same boat that I was!)

Electronic Voting Process:  On January 9th, you received an email from ARMA International regarding this election process.  The email came from the mailbox of the ARMA International Election Coordinator.  See the clip/image provided below. It contained your personal election login and password to be able to cast your ballot in this important ARMA election process. It also provided you with directions to follow in the event that your login and password didn’t work. 

The Process & The Candidates

There are two separate processes in play here during this election.  ARMA members are being asked to cast a vote for one candidate out of three to become the future President of ARMA.  The second process is that ARMA members are being asked to vote for one candidate out of the seven who are running to join ARMA's Board of Directors.  

All members should have received an email from ARMA with specific instructions and a verification code which are needed for voting – see above.  You can log into to request voting credentials if you are unable to locate your personalized email from ARMA. 

A candidate’s forum was held on ARMA's LinkedIn Group on January 5, 2017.  You will need to scroll down or search "ARMA Board Question" on LinkedIn to find questions and answers.  There are some great conversations about the future of ARMA.  You can access the forum here:

Additionally, I have included a link to all of the candidates bios and backgrounds:  This information is also available when you go to the voting page – in case you want to review it at that time, as well. 

There are a number of great candidates who have expressed an interest in helping to lead ARMA International – many of them from our Regional Tri-State area.  I would hope that you will find the short amount of time that it takes to cast a vote to support those who support the interests of our ARMA community!  If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate in reaching out to any of the ARMA of Northern NJ Leadership Team. 

The future of ARMA is in your hands, be sure to vote today!  

With Warm Regards,


Co- President of ARMA – Northern New Jersey Chapter

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