Govt. Investigations Webcast

NNJ member and frequent speaker Ronald J. Hedges shared the following meeting invitation to share with our members.

The Role of Electronic Information in Government Investigations: What You Need to Know

State and federal investigations of corporate entities invariably encompass electronic information in this time of what appears to be daily data breaches. Electronic information must be reviewed and produced and may be central to those investigations and to related or "parallel" civil actions. Please join me for a unique half-day program that will explore the role of electronic information in government investigations. You will hear from government regulators, attorneys who must respond to investigations on behalf of their corporate clients, and attorneys who bring and defend parallel actions. You will learn, among other things:

  • What triggers a government investigation?
  • What electronic information the government might demand and how to respond to a request
  • What and how a corporation can negotiate about production of electronic information
  • What can be done by plaintiff and defense counsel in parallel civil litigation to coordinate – or conflict – with a government investigation?

This program will benefit attorneys who represent all levels of government, in-house attorneys who respond to government investigations, attorneys retained to represent corporations in government investigations in parallel proceedings and attorneys who represent plaintiffs in those proceedings.

Join me at this important program – register today!

Government Investigations 2016: Handling Corporate Investigations Resulting from a Breach of Electronic Information and Parallel Proceedings

New York City and Live Webcast – March 21, 2016, 1:30 - 5:00 p.m. ET

Groupcast Locations: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Mechanicsburg – March 21, 2016, 1:30 - 5:00 p.m. ET

To register by phone, please call PLI's Customer Service Department at (800) 260-4754. Be sure to mention your Priority Code: YJL6-8AEM3 and Customer ID Number when registering: 582557.

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March Session of the Month

One of the benefits of membership in the chapter is access to affordable RIM and Information Governance education.  Our goal is provide you with the resources you want to assist in your professional success!  One of those manner benefits is the partnership ARMA International has developed with RIM On-Demand to offer online education that is recorded from the MER conference to individuals - FREE - to you as a member!  These free sessions are available only to Chapter members and only for a limited time. 

Guide to Managing Content Generated by Social Media Tools as Records


Many organizations have moved beyond experimenting with social media tools to incorporating them into business processes. As a result, both commercial services and enterprise social content tools are significantly changing the ways organizations do business and interact with their constituents. As the amount of content generated by these tools increases, so does the need to manage them successfully.


This web seminar from the 2011 MER Conference describes specific steps that organizations need to take to manage their social media content as part of their established RIM program. The objective of this web seminar is to provide a practical, action-oriented approach to managing social media content as records.


This web seminar provides attendees:
• An up-to-date understanding of the current state of the social media market
• Common use examples of how social media tools are increasingly used in business and government
• The legal and operational challenges that social media tools present to organizations, especially in the areas of privacy, productivity, and preservation
• A comparative analysis between legacy content creation tools and social media tools
• The emerging social media tools: custom social networks, location-based services, social media platforms, and analytics
• The specific steps necessary to declare and manage social media content as integral component of an established RIM program.


This web seminar provides a core foundation for both understanding and taking professional leadership in addressing the management of social technologies - what promises to be one of the most significant legal and operational challenges that social media tools present to organizations, particularly in the areas of privacy, productivity, and preservation of electronic records over time


ICRM Maintenance Credits: 1.00 

Members: Visit our Session of the Month page for instructions on accessing this session for free. 

As a reminder, this session is only available during the current month. To view it any time after, you will need to purchase the session at a cost of $45.00.  So don’t miss out on this ARMAmazing opportunity.

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