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Pitching an IG Strategy

April 14, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Those of us who are already deeply entrenched in the Information Governance & Information
Management realms recognize the importance that IM/IG plays in defining and supporting the
continued success of our organizations. We often are recognized as the evangelizers for
implementing new technology programs. And more recently, we have been faced with the challenge
of battling for the internal support from the management teams of our organizations to move that
plan forward. It’s at times like these that we wished that we had been wise enough to have
participated in a course during our studies that focused on building and maximizing our powers of
persuasion…..because sometimes it feels like we’re swimming against the tide, right?

During this “Pitch Perfect” session, Marco Maggio – VP Strategic Practices at Konica Minolta and
Ann Gorr – a legal technology consultant who often serves as a champion of change in the SMB
legal market/law firms and corporate legal departments – will provide you with some key strategies
that you can deploy in your quest to meeting with success in “pitching” your next project within
your organization. Find out what processes and strategies you might be able to employ within the
unique culture of your organization to meet with success when “pitching” new ideas for adoption
within your Team.

Presented by: 

Ann E. Gorr, Principal / Ann Gorr, LLC
Legal Technology Solutions Consultant & Information Governance
Strategist & Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP)

Ann Gorr is a legal technology consultant, information governance strategist,
subject matter expert, and avid technology evangelist. She is recognized for the
development and execution of innovative Legal IT strategies for her small-to-
midsized law firm and corporate legal clients in the IG/ECM and Compliance/ Privacy/Risk arenas. With over 25
years of experience in the unique legal technology environment, Ann has the ability to translate technical
information into practical/concise concepts, find simplicity in complexity, execute change management, and bring
about consensus within technology projects by reducing complex issues to manageable solutions. She serves as a
champion of change and an in-house advocate for her clients while focusing on developing key strategies and best
practices within their Information Governance design. Among her favorite phrases that she encourages to be put
into practice are "Do The Right Thing - Always!", "You Really Don't Know What You Really Don't Know" and "It Doesn't
Cost Anything To Be Nice!".

Marco Maggio, VP Strategic Practices / Konica Minolta

Marco is the VP of Strategic Practices and oversees the cloud, legal,
finance, education, and healthcare practices within Konica Minolta’s IT
Services organization. Marco has held executive leadership positions at
organizations such as Lanier, Mosaic, Ricoh, and Hewlett Packard
before joining Konica Minolta and is a regular speaker for legal industry
associations and a regularly published author for technology relevant to
key vertical industries. Marco’s favorite quote to share is: Strategy
without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are
the noise before defeat. [Sun Tsu]


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