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Get Discovered - Post Your Resume

What is it?
This is voluntary job finding assistance that is offered to all members of ARMA NJ, ARMA Northeast Region Chapters and ARMA International seeking employment within the  US Northeast Region.

How does it work?
Simply send your resume and request to [email protected]. Upon receipt your resume will be uploaded to the ARMA NJ website and immediately becomes visible to employers, colleagues, job agencies and the thousands of other visitors to our website.

Is there a Cost?
No. This is offered as voluntary job finding assistance for members.

Our Disclaimer
ARMA NJ is not responsible for the content and layout of your resume. All communications, if any, will be between the potential contact and you. We do not guarantee that the posting of your resume will result in any interest of employment. We further encourage you to actively explore employment opportunies in your interest and network at our chapter meetings.