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CRM Certification: What's it Worth?

Most CRMs identify the benefits of their credential as validation of knowledge; improved marketability; outstanding reputation and credibility; and increased confidence. But, what's CRM certification really worth? Read More!
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Why Be a CRM? How to Begin

Why should you become a CRM? An Information Management professional may have various credentials, but the most important one is Certified Records Manager. Current job ads reflect a growing trend that the CRM is preferred, and... Read More!
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Becoming a CRM: A Beginners Guide

NJ Chapter Members Lucy Rieger, MLS, CRM, Dr. Sofia Empel, MLIS, CRM, CDIA+ and Henry Gozdz, MLS, CRM - presented a panel discussion (Feb. 2012) about everything members need to know to be successful in becoming a Certified Records Manager (CRM).
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