ARMA NJ is the proud recipient of the 2013 ARMA International Chapter of the Year and Membership Recruitment awards for the large chapter category.


From the Archives

June 21, 1960
Chapter Chartered

Chapter of the Year

8th Chapter to Join ARMA Intl.

1986 - 1987
Chapter Supports Historic Edison Archives Project

Chapter of the Year

Chapter of the Year &
Membership Recruitment Award 


Chapter History

ARMA New Jersey Chapter - The beginning.......

ARMA New Jersey (ARMA NJ) supports the "Vision and Mission" of ARMA International while ensuring its local members are provided with training and education that meets current day industry requirements.
From its inception, ARMA NJ has established broad goals that enable the chapter to remain firmly rooted in its values while adapting to the future outlook of information and technology.

ARMA NJ has a rich history that continues to shape its future.

June 21, 1960 the Chapter reached agreement on:

  • Establishing the NJ Chapter based on the interest expressed by 78% of the vote of 45 participants; and,

  • Elected its first operational Board of the NJ ARMA Chapter.

The results of the election for 1960-1961 were as follows:

  • President - Joseph L. Kish, Lockheed Electronics Company, Plainfield, NJ

  • Vice President – Bruce D. Carswell, Schering Corp., Bloomfield, NJ

  • Corresponding Secretary – Mrs. Ruth Wyer, Plainfield High School, Plainfield,NJ                                                           

  • Recording Secretary – Miss Shirley M. Lawton, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill,  NJ                                         

  • Treasurer – Joseph J. Haas, Assistant Director, NJ State Division of Pensions, Trenton, NJ  

June 21, 1960: ARMA NJ Begins Working for American Records Management Association (ARMA)

1975: Association of Records Manager and Administrators (ARMA) formed

In 1975, the Association of Records Managers and Administrators was organized and combined of the American Records Management Association (ARMA) and the Association of Records Executives and Administrators (AREA). The ARMA New Jersey Chapter became the 8th Chapter to join the organization that is now known as ARMA International.

1986 to 1987: The “Edison Project”:

The ARMA NJ Chapter worked on a truly historic event known as the “Edison Project” 1986 – 1987. Members of the Chapter worked to restore, repair and safeguard many of the artifacts, recordings, notes and letters associated with Thomas A. Edison’s laboratory, such as a handwritten note from George Eastman to Thomas Edison expressing regret over a fire that destroyed the Edison film studio. In recognition of the Chapter’s efforts, Dolores Rosinski, John Gagliardi and Fahy C. Whitaker received a plaque of an original Edison Recording, which remains an artifact with the NJ ARMA Chapter. The recording known as the “Volunteers March” was given to the Chapter in recognition for the contributions it made.

New Directions but the Target remains the same:

In August 1999, President Barry J. Terenna, CRM of Johnson & Johnson set goals for Chapter Year 1999-2000 as follows:                                               

  • Provide increased value to members

  • Further deploy technology to improve Chapter administration, communications and services to membership

  • Develop and implement strategies for increased membership and membership participation                                    

  • Position the Chapter Newsletter as an educational tool, in addition to continuing its primary communication and revenue generation functions

  • Improve integration of Northern NJ and Central NJ Chapter activities and develop co-projects

The vision of our President remains focused on accomplishing these goals. In addition to our Newsletter, we extend our reach through our Website. Our VP of Events brings in expert speakers in the field of Records and Information Technology, Digital Technology and Communication. Our VP of Membership and VP of Marketing actively recruit new members and advertisers. Our Treasurer ensures the integrity of our finances.

In 2010, we celebrated our 50th anniversary during a special evening event. As we enter our 52nd year the ARMA New Jersey Chapter continues to facilitate dynamic training, education and support of its members and their careers. 

2017-2018: Integration of ARMA New Jersey Chapters

In September 2017, ARMA Northern NJ and ARMA Central NJ chapters consolidated into one chapter which in 1Q18 our members renamed ARMA New Jersey.

Photo Gallery

The images below captures our rich atmosphere of networking which we've come to experience. ARMA NJ Chapter continues to encourage and support this thriving environment at our Executive Meetings, Meeting Presentations & Dinner, Seminars and other Events.