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Records & Information Management

Patricia Franks

Students and professionals alike can benefit from the information in this book, which offers insights into a range of topics in the field. Experienced archives and records professionals, as well as supervisors and managers charged with oversight will get a new perspective on their field, while upper-level managers, executives, and other decision makers responsible for effectively managing their organization’s information assets will find it a useful guide.

This book follows the records and information lifecycle model, encompassing paper, electronic (databases, office suites, email, IM), and new media records (blogs, wikis), as well as records residing in “the cloud” (software as a service).

CRM Candidates, be sure to check this one out!


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The ARMA NJ Chapter Library is a value added resource that is available to all current chapter members. The available publications extend beyond basic reference to materials essential to the professional development of our members in their records and information management functions.

Some of the topics included in the current listing are:

  1. Records Management Fundamentals

  2. Writing Effective Procedures

  3. Electronic Records

  4. Imaging

  5. Education and Training

  6. Vital Records

  7. Managing E-Mail

  8. Litigation Support

It is our understanding that ARMA NJ Chapter has one of the largest libraries within the ARMA Northeast Region. The publications in our library are helpful to CRM candidates, RIM professionals regardless of company size and anyone who has a need for more information about the RIM profession. Our collection grows through purchases funded by the chapter and by donations.

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