ARMA NJ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Chapter. It is comprised of the President, Executive Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Vice President of Professional Development, Vice President of Sponsor Relations, Treasurer and Vice President of Membership.  By getting involved you have an opportunity to

  • Enhance Your Leadership Development & Experience;

  • Provide input and direction on ARMA NJ Educational Programming;

  • Advance Information Governance principles and practices,

  • Provide support, networking and development to your colleagues in the Information Governance field


Standing Committees

The Chapter maintains a number of “standing” committees and participation is open to everyone.  If you’re interested in getting your toe wet – that is just getting a little involved – a committee volunteer is the way to go.  If you’re interested in participating on any of the committees listed below please let us know.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is led by the Immediate Past President and is responsible for promoting participation in chapter activities and recognizing members and leaders in the Chapter for achievement and contributions to the information governance profession and to our Chapter.

Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee is led by the Chapter’s sitting president and performs an annual review of the chapter’s financial records. This is a great short term commitment.  There is one meeting held each August at which the Committee reviews the previous year’s financial report, books and records to be sure everything agrees.  No accounting or financial experience is required. 

Budget Committee

Yet another great, short term opportunity is the budget committee which is led by the current Treasurer.  This committee is responsible for establishing the Chapter’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  The committee meets early in August to determine a proposed budget for the coming year.  They do this by studying the previous year’s budget, assessing how well that it met the Chapter’s needs; and estimating the coming year’s financial requirements. After the budget is drafted, the Chapter Treasurer presents it to the Board of Directors for approval.

Membership Committee

The committee is led by the VP Membership and is responsible for promoting growth of the chapter and the Association by adding and retaining membership within the chapter and the Association.  Volunteer to be a contact or mentor for a new member; reach out to prospective members, work the registration table at chapter events, etc. 

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee identifies and solicits volunteers to fill any elective office that will be open in the coming year and is chaired by the Immediate Past President. This committee begins working in March and needs to have a slate of candidates prepared by distribution to the membership in May for voting and approval.  It’s The committee may secure advice from any source it desires, but the slate is determined by the committee.

Program Committee

Ever attended an ARMA or other association event and thought I’ve got a great idea for a speaker or topic. Or received an invite to an event and thought why did they pick that location?  If so, this is the opportunity for you.  Even if your time is limited; participation is welcome at all levels.  Only available to assist with one event – that’s okay.  Volunteer to develop and run an entire event or offer your time to assist with anyone of the following:

  • Selecting speaker/topic

  • Identifying venue

  • Coordinating with other chapters or associations

  • Determining format – breakfast/dinner meeting

  • Picking the menu and the caterer

  • Designing invitation

  • Tracking RSVPs

  • Working the registration desk at event

  • Special Projects and Events Committee

  • This committee is responsible for organizing and overseeing chapter and outreach Special Events, including the annual networking event, end of year celebration; community outreach project and such other projects as will be determined by the Board.  The Immediate Past President of the Chapter will serve as the Committee advisor.  Volunteer to develop and run an entire event or offer your time to assist with anyone of the following:

  • Identifying venue

  • Arrange food, beverages, entertainment or other programming

  • Designing invitation

  • Tracking RSVPs

  • EMCEE the event

Student/Education Promotion Committee

Information Governance and other information-related students are the future of our industry.  It is critically important that we reach out to them and make them aware of the benefits of an ARMA membership as well as the benefit of local chapter participation.  In addition, to student outreach, this committee will work with local educators to identify opportunities for ARMA NJ to assist students in the information governance field with scholarships.